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Many insurance companies and bariatric surgeons now require all patients to undergo a bariatric evaluation prior to  weight loss surgery. The patient must receive psychological clearance that states that he or she is prepared for surgery and will be able to follow through with the aftercare protocol once the surgery is over. There is so much valuable information that we gain from these evaluations. Dr. Cherwony has specialized in bariatric evaluations and counseling with bariatric patients for over 12 years. Dr. Cherwony’s evaluations consist of a clinical interview and the use of psychological assessment.


The evaluation takes approximately 1.5 hours. Once the data is compiled, Dr. Cherwony will meet with you and discuss the results. She will provide you with feedback on how you can be successful for long term weight loss following the surgery. She will provide you with a treatment plan with recommendations so that you can begin your healthy journey for the last time. Dr. Cherwony is then available to you for support of the lifestyle changes once your bariatric surgery is over.


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