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I want to take a moment to discuss long-term weight loss with you. In today’s fast paced world, ‘long-term’ and ‘weight loss’ rarely go hand in hand. The diet industry is booming, yet weight issues and obesity rates are higher than ever. Related conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure are also sky-rocketing at alarming rates.


Although most of us understand the concept of eating healthy foods and the need to exercise, people often turn to radical changes in short term diet. This leads to immediate weight loss only to be shortly followed by the inevitable weight gain, leaving you even more frustrated and less motivated than when you started.


I will teach you what I have been teaching my clients successfully for years, that the missing component to successful long term weight loss and maintenance is the psychological component. I will give you the tools to take care of yourself first.


To help you create a balanced, happier, healthier life. Eating patterns are not isolated to physical cravings and hunger. Our eating patterns and unfortunate eating problems are dictated by our emotions, our ability to deal with stress and by how we feel about ourselves.


Remember, weight loss and maintenance is a journey, a lifestyle- and success is not about achieving an arbitrary number on a scale. Rather we will go on a journey together to achieve your long term health, happiness, calm, balance and high self-esteem that will allow you to live a fuller & much improved life.


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