Like many other mental health disorders, anxiety and depression can create a range of challenges for students. The associated symptoms that children or adolescents experience with these disorders can exacerbate their difficulties and impact their ability to meet academic demands. It is not unusual for an anxious child, especially one who is eager to please or a rule follower, to hide their anxieties and struggles. These children may hold themselves together all day, but come home and release their true feelings. Therefore their teachers may not always be aware of or understand your child’s struggles.

Depending on the level of severity, a student may benefit from support and accommodations within the school setting. It is not unusual for anxiety and/or depression to be diagnosed alongside learning disabilities, ADHD or ASD, especially for older children.  Therefore, Dr. Cherwony provides a thorough evaluation to consider the whole child and how to set them up to demonstrate their potential. It is important to understand whether anxiety is primary and the cause resulting in a child having school struggles, or secondary and is a result of some learning challenges.  Dr. Cherwony will help identify the core underlying issues for your child so that the appropriate intervention is selected to best suit the needs of your child.  Unidentified mental health concerns often lead to bigger problems. Therefore, it is essential to advocate for your child so that he or she can receive the appropriate support and intervention both at home and school.

Please see Psychoeducational Testing