Bariatric Psychological Evaluations are conducted prior to undergoing bariatric surgery. Many insurance companies want to see that the individual is a suitable candidate for compliance following their surgery. Bariatric practices that have met the standards for Center of Excellence expect that all of their patients will undergo a thorough Bariatric Evaluation before being considered for surgery.

I have worked with bariatric patients for many years and have seen firsthand their success and their struggles associated with the surgery. I have seen the unbelievable life changes and improved quality of life.

Therefore I am a huge advocate for the surgery and my goal is to help you to go through the surgery because you deserve a second chance at life. However, I want to see you go through this life changing event with the best results possible. I conduct a thorough evaluation with my main goal being to help prepare you for long term success. I use the evaluation as a means to educate you and to discuss any concerns that you may have. I want to see you lose the weight and keep it off for good. Following the evaluation, I will provide you feedback and recommendations for long-term success. We will discuss the steps that you can take to greatly increase your odds for long-term success. I also offer pre and post surgical support.

” by Heidi R. Cherwony, Psy. D.