Parents often feel overwhelmed by their school choices. Dr. Cherwony offers a highly unique approach to gifted testing and focuses on more than IQ score alone.

Through Dr. Cherwony’s extensive experience, IQ testing and gifted evaluations are used to gain an understanding of an individual’s brain profile. Although parents often come in for the gifted evaluation to find out whether or not their child meets criteria for a gifted program, Dr. Cherwony believes that it is a valuable opportunity to gain further insight into the inner workings of a child, including strengths, weaknesses, and learning style.  Regardless of whether your child is gifted or not, Dr. Cherwony will provide you with a wealth of information to understanding your child beyond an IQ score in order to help determine best options for school placement and set your child up for success. Although termed “gifted testing,” IQ tests are recommended for all children in order to understand their level of intellectual functioning and determine the most suited academic curriculum to match their needs and reach their full potential. The IQ test measures overall cognitive abilities that have been found to be related to school performance. Therefore, this testing is used to learn about your child and determine the best school placement for your child and how rigorous an academic program is needed to help your child thrive.  When necessary, Dr. Cherwony will  identify areas that may be of concern in development and that may either require early intervention or to be monitored.

Dr. Cherwony has extensive knowledge of the schools, public and private, in South Florida.  Using her test process and results, Dr. Cherwony helps many local families and those who are relocating to South Florida to make the most appropriate school choice for their family. This helps parents find the best fit. In addition to choosing the right school for your child, this assessment also helps those parents who are deciding school readiness for their child, whether or not to allow their younger child an additional year of preschool prior to entering kindergarten.

Once the testing session is complete with your child (approximately 1hr 15), Dr. Cherwony will schedule a feedback session with parents to go over their child’s individualized results and to help parents decide the most appropriate school placement for a child. 

In order to qualify for entrance into a gifted program, the child must meet two criteria:

A Full Scale IQ Score of 130 or more on an individually administered test of intellectual functioning. Only gold standard and the most updated IQ tests are used, such as Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scale of Intelligence (WPPSI-IV); Wechsler Intelligence Test for Children-Fifth Edition (WISC-V), Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS-IV), Stanford-Binet Intelligence Test (SB 5).

Under Plan B for gifted, a lower IQ score is required for those who are English Language Learners (ELL) or for those from a low socioeconomic status family. 

Exhibit the majority of characteristics of gifted students on a district standard scale checklist. The child’s most recent certified teacher must complete a checklist of gifted characteristics demonstrating that child shows a need for a challenging curriculum.

There is no academic requirement for gifted eligibility. However, at parent request, a brief assessment of reading, math and/or written expression can be added to a gifted assessment.


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